What are the best wood mulch substrates for tortoise?

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The best tortoise substrates that are high quality and perfectly suited to tortoises can help them to live long and happy lives. However, any wrong choice from cheaper brands can be potential danger for your pet. It is not an easy task to choose the most suitable substrate within a number of brands and multiple types.

This is why I have classified and listed here the best wood mulch substrates for tortoise. I would like recommend this substrate for juvenile tortoises or older as it excellent for humidity, can be used multiple times and control ordol.

#1 Zoo Med Repti Bark

This natural substrate is made from bark of fir trees. This is the ideal substrate if you want to increase the moisture and creates humidity enviroments for the tortoise. It also great to place in the shelter place to conduct heat evenly.

What I like about this bedding is that it encourages the natural burrowing behaviour of tortoise. It seems to more prefer to tropical tortoise. It is re-usable and washable so you can use it for multiple time, it also good for grown plants as well. This substrate is economical as it will last for long time and does not need to be changed frequently.

It is treated with triple cleaning process to ensure that it is fine texture, remove any large sticks, dust and dirt that can injure your pet.

#2 Fluker Labs Repta-Bark All Natural Bedding

Fluker Labs Repta-Bark is made of orchid bark, a natural and 100% safe material that can maintain and improve the humidity level in the tortoise terrarium. It is really the good substrate at absorbing humidity. However, you should control the humidity level as it may be molds in high humidity.

This bedding can prevent fungal skin infections in tortoise if the terrarium is overly moist. It comes with the nice sizing pieces of bark, it is about half an inch. These bigger pieces will prevent your pet swallow the bedding and also reduce dust in the tank. The tiny, small pieces can leave a lot of residue in the water bowl.

Once it is added or soak in the water, it can extend its volume and keep the nice humidity high for the tank.

#3 Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is made of 100% natural cypress mulch, it is not only completely safe that does not include any harmful additives or dye but also crate the comfortable environment for your tortoise. This is one of the best seller bedding products for reptiles that have been received thousand feedbacks and re-ordering from users.

One of the most attractive point of cypress mulch is that it creates the perfect natural forest appearance for your tortoise enclosure. It comes in the perfect size chunks that will ensure there is no chance for tortoise to ingest the bedding material. It also offer the extremely soft and comfortable for tortoise for laying eggs.

#4 Galapagos Cypress Tank Mulch Forest Floor Bedding

This is another bedding that made from natural cypress mulch. It offers the good capacity of absorbency and humidity control. It provides the smaller Bark, which will support natural feeding habits. It is obvious that it will dry after a few days but as long as you mist the cage occasionally, this substrate will maintain the good humidity levels.

Unlike other cheaper brands, Galapagos provide the substrate that does not include small critters and parasites. It is 100% safe and no toxic oils and chemicals, and parasites. Not only that, this bedding is treat to remove any tiny particles. However, the product may contain dust and dirt.

#5 Carib Sea Coco Soft Reptiles Bedding, Coarse Chip

If your tortoise comfortable is what you looking for, you should consider this substrate. It will provide your pet with the perfect comfort in the enclosure. What I like about this bedding is that it will enhance the life quality of tortoise as it will keep the tank always fresh and clean, waste reducing organisms.

This bedding comes with the fresh coconut husks, which will help control the odor of the tank better than other substrate materials. It is also 100% pet-safe as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.


How to proper maintain riding horse gloves?

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The best riding gloves will protect your hands from chafing from the reins and protect and from negative weather conditions. Since horse riding gloves are needed almost in every ride, they must be tough against any condition.

The durability of riding gloves also depends on the way you maintain them. You will not want to buy a pair of gloves every month. This post will touch you some tips on proper maintaining your gloves.

#1 How to take care of the leather riding gloves?

One of the reason that make leather is perfect riding glove material is that it will also be extremely durable as long as you take good care of it. For ongoing maintenance, you just need wear your leather gloves when you clean and lubricate your saddle and bridle. Using the products you use to clean your tack and apply to the gloves.

If your leather gloves get very dirty, you can wash your gloves with warm water and saddle soap. Just need to ensure to blot them dry with a clean towel and then allow them to air dry in a warm airy condition.

Wait until they are dry and wear it on your hands, apply the leather conditioner you have.

#2 Can you wash your riding gloves?

You may be surprised to know that you can wash most horse riding gloves, even leather ones. You should prefer hand washing, but you can also machine wash them. Wash on gentle with a delicate fabric laundry product, at a low temperature and low spin speed.

Once your gloves are cleaned you should straighten then out so there are no wrinkles then allow them to air dry in the open air or in the dryer on the low setting. Do not iron or wring them as this can damage the leather or the elastic. You can use some fabric softener sheet, or dry, lint free dish towel in with the gloves to help dry them out.

#3 What feature helps guarantee life spend of gloves?

Extra patches: There are some will have extra padding that attached at the main points of wear. The gloves that are designed with padding in areas that get the most wear such as around the 4th-5th finger, thumb, and index finger will help the gloves last for much longer and help prevent blisters caused by rubbing.

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What are the safe chewing toy for rat?

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Do you know that rat teethes start growing when they are born and do not stop growing until they die? This is why the best rat toy for chewing is necessary for their dental health since their teeth need to be constantly worn down.

Your rat is going to need to chew on an assortment of different materials. Besides, rats were stuck in a cage all day, you would want give them something to entertain. Chewing toys is one of the best ways to keep them busy. Due to that, your rat won’t chew on items that you do not want him to chew on.

#1 Wooden Chewing toys

This is the easiest chewing toy to find that old at pet stores. Some rats seem to dislike plain wood chews, if your rat is one of them you may have to provide a flavored chew. Also, you can soak the wood block in juice to improve its taste.

If you choose a wood you find in the back yard, you have to ensure that it is safe for rats, with no preservatives and if you buy it, ensure that the wood has not been treated with any type of toxic materials.

#2 Bird and Hamster Toys

This is may be a change that rat toy aisle in your local pet store may be pretty limited or do not exist, but you can totally looking for some alternative toys and chews for your rat there. Wooden hanging bird toys can be a great, they are also safe to gnaw on form of entertainment for your rat. Toys that are designed for other rodents like hamster for chewing are also safe to use for rats.

#3 Household Items

There is also another way to give chewing toys for rat if you cannot find it in the local pet store. You can give your rat a hard-shelled nut, such as a macadamia or pecan, to chew on. You can also give your rats bones to chew (cooked bones) such as those that come from beef or chicken. Some rats even enjoy chewing on hard dog biscuits or chew toys for dog that are designed to stand up to heavy chewing